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Are you looking for a great investment opportunity? Then a cotton farm is the perfect prospect for you. Known as the most popular natural fiber used for clothing today; cotton is very strong and durable and highly used all over the world. The cotton you produce is non-perishable, and can be stored for long periods of time. The market for owning a cotton farm will definitely be around for centuries to come providing clothing for our future.
Cotton Farms for Sale
You must plant the cotton in April or early May alternating it between other crops such as corn and barley. Grown around the seed of the cotton plant you will need a mechanical cotton picker or cotton stripper when it comes time to harvest. Cotton can be mixed with a variety of other natural products to produce home remedies for mild burns or snake bites. The seeds are edible and rich in vitamins and oil and are used in feed for cattle.
Cotton has been around for years and there is substantial evidence that it was one of the most important fibers of our ancestors. Located in Memphis Tennessee, there is a museum fully dedicated to the rich history of cotton. You can influence that history when you purchase a cotton farm. Owning a cotton farm can have endless possibilities for you and all who use this great product.